VaClaF: Vareš Classic Festival 2018
“Music I call Home”

Vareš Classic Festival 2018 is exploring and trying to explain many different meanings and facets of Home. Starting from my own personal journey of a refugee from Vareš to Varaždin, then moving to Zagreb and Vienna, I have always felt that I never really belong anywhere completely, that every town has a bit of me and they are all together building my identity. Finding a refuge in art, music has become my home and a medium to connect (to) people. VaCLaF 2018 is therefore a story of migration, discrimination, integration, social and political rebellion, and (not only) artistic activism. Sometimes very intimate and personal, other times in a global artistic context. Through every concert, workshop and event I have tried to put a special piece of the puzzle, personal yet universal and with a clear message: we have to work together, improve, question and fight the status quo. Art has power.

This year it is a 10th anniversary of our first concert of classical music, the traditional “Miholjski koncert”, today the final concert of the Festival. Therefore we are symbolically celebrating also coming back Home, to Vareš, through art accessible to all. We are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the female right to vote in Germany and Austria, for many of us most commonly “chosen homes”, together with centenaries of death of Claude Debussy and Lili Boulanger, and birthday of Leonard Bernstein. There will be Balkan Madness presented, two personal recitals on Visions of Home, we will play in Borovica, home village of my father which is a symbol of revival, togetherness and hope, as well as presenting some of the Austro - Hungarian past, French connection and openly discuss on Home through the Transfigured Night. We will close it with the symbol of Mother as Home and with the next generation of young musicians, hoping to be building them a better home for the future.

Feel welcome to join us in Vareš!

At Home.

Andrea Nikolić

Welcome to the Home of 100

Stara Crkva/Old Church
20.09.2018 - 19:00

Welcome to the Home of 100 celebrating 100 years of women’s right to vote in Austria and Germany, for many of us a chosen “home”, 100 years of death of Claude Debussy - whose works will be played throughout the Festival & Lili Boulanger - a prodigy that left the world too soon. Presenting it in Lenny Bernstein style; celebrating his 100th birthday through equality and diversity.

Opening Concert

    Dora Pejačević:
  • Nocturnes No’s. 1 & 2, Op. 5
  • Walzer-Capricen, Op. 28
  • Sonata No. 2, Op. 57
  • Claude Debussy:
  • Sonata for Violin and Piano
  • Fritz Kreisler
  • Slavonic Fantasie
  • Lili Boulanger
  • Nocturne et Cortège for Violin and Piano
  • Dora Pejačević:
  • Romanza for Violin and Piano, Op. 21

Nataša Veljković, piano feat. Andrea Nikolić, violin

BA Visions of Home

Stara Crkva/Old Church
21.09.2018 - 19:00

To answer the question “What and where is your Home?” Belma Alić and Azra Medić present a diverse duo programme, to represent their personal artistic, as well as physical, home. Specially in focus is the Suite for Cello and Piano by the contemporary BH composer and former Dean of the Music Academy Sarajevo Ivan Čavlović.

    Ludwig van Beethoven:
  • 12 Variations in G on “See the Conqu’ring Hero Comes” From Händel’s Judas Maccabaeus for Piano and Cello, WoO 45 (1796)
  • Robert Schumann:
  • Fantasiestücke, op. 73 (1849)
  • Ivan Čavlović:
  • Suite for Cello and Piano (2003)
  • Dmitri Shostakovich:
  • Sonata in D minor for Cello and Piano, op. 40, (1934)

Belma Alić, violoncello
Azra Medić, piano

Balkan Madness

Stara Crkva/Old Church
22.09.2018 - 19:00

BH Pianist Bartolomej Stankovic presents works of contemporary BH composers, joined in his debut CD “Balkan Madness”. A diverse story (of all men) in the heart of Balkan.

    Milan Prebanda
  • ČETIRI MINIJATURE ZA KLAVIR PO NAČINU BOSANSKOG I DALMATINSKOG FOLKLORA Improvizacija (Bosna) – Largo (Bosna) – Pjesma (Dalmacija) – Igra (Bosna)
  • Milan Jeličanin:
  • Vlado Milošević
  • Asim Horozić:
  • SONATA Allegro Moderato – Moderato - Allegro
  • Josip Magdić:
  • Samir Fejzić:
  • Dražen Kosorić:
  • Armen Škobalj:
  • Samir Fejzić:
  • David Mastikosa:

Bartolomej Stanković, piano

In Borovica at Home

Borovica, Župna crkva / Parish Church
23.09.2018 - 12:00

For the first time VaClaF is in Borovica, a village where the Nikolić family comes from, now rebuilt with new hope and love of its inhabitants and diaspora. An ode to unity and collaboration of people for the better future of all. From solo to quartet. At Home.

    George Crumb:
  • Sonata for Cello Solo
  • Marin Marais:
  • Les Folies d’Espagne for Oboe & Basso Continuo
  • Grazyna Bacewicz:
  • Trio for Oboe, Violin & Cello
  • Claude Debussy:
  • String Quartet in G minor, L 85, Op. 10

Bas Jongen, violoncello
Ivana Nikolić, oboe
Andrea Nikolić, violin

MAS String Quartet:
Tamara Arsovski, violin
Ilma Zulum, violin
Aida Daić, viola
Belma Alić, violoncello

The World of Home

Stara Crkva/Old Church
24.09.2018 - 19:00

Young violinist Jelena Vidović is for the first time in her hometown Vares presenting her own vision of a programme where she feels at home. A debut recital representing a diverse artistic world, including BH composer Avdo Smajlović and César Franck’s Sonata, also played at the first “Miholjski” Concert of classical music in Vareš in 2009, by Andrea Nikolić. A retrospective through the next generation.

    Johannes Brahms:
  • Scherzo in C minor, from FAE Sonata
  • Béla Bartók:
  • Rhapsody No. 1, Sz. 8
  • Avdo Smailović:
  • ‘Sa pastirima’
  • César Franck:
  • Sonata in A major for violin and piano

Jelena Vidović, violin
Dženana Hadžić, piano

Once Austro-Hungary was Home

Stara Crkva/Old Church
25.09.2018 - 19:00

Remembering the past through the great composers of the 20th century, questioning the policies and celebrating human achievement and ideals. Dorati and Dohnányi both left Hungary because of the 2nd World War and fled to the US; Schulhoff served in the Austro-Hungarian army in the WW1, in the WW2 was captured and deported to the concentration camp where he died. Bartok did not survive to see the end of it either - he died in the US too in 1945. All of them created brilliant music that surpassed all conflict. With Art at Home.

    Erwin Schulhoff:
  • 5 Pieces for String Quartet
  • Ernő Dohnányi:
  • Serenade for String Trio, Op. 10
  • Antal Doráti:
  • Notturno & Capriccio for Oboe & String Quartet
  • Béla Bartók:
  • Romanian Folk Dance

Ivana Nikolić, oboe
Andrea Nikolić, violin (Dohnanyi, Dorati)
Jevgenijs Čepoveckis, violin (Dorati -2, Schulhoff, Bartok -1)
Milica Zulus, violin (Schulhoff, Bartok -2)
Marta Potulska, viola (Dohnányi, Doráti)
Saša Mirković, viola (Schulhoff, Bartók)
Bas Jongen, violoncello

French Connection

Stara Crkva/Old Church
26.09.2018 - 19:00

In a concert dedicated only to French music, we are building a connection of 300 years through three great composers of the 19th, 20th and 21st century: Chausson, Debussy and Dutilleux. Presenting the masters and their masterpieces.

    Claude Debussy:
  • Sonata for Cello and Pian
  • Henri Dutilleux:
  • Sonata for Oboe and Piano
  • Ernest Chausson:
  • Ernest Chausson:

Sabine Weyer, piano
Bas Jongen, violoncello
Ivana Nikolić, oboe
Andrea Nikolić, violin (solo)
Jevgenijs Čepoveckis, violin
Milica Zulus, violin
Marta Potulska, viola

Next Generation at Home

Music School/Elementary School
27.09.2018 - 14:00

Next Generation at Home : Young pianists of Music School Vareš
Sabine Weyer Masterclass

City Bar
27.09.2018 - 21:00

Party at Home: Mladi tamburaši, Prof. Igor Hinger

Where and what is Home?

Radnički Dom

In an open discussion we are presenting and explaining the VaClaF 2018 theme: Home. Where do we feel at home? How to build a home when you feel that you belong to too many? How is Art our Home? How to find a Home? Love is Home.

18:00 h – Books Presentation & Panel Discussion on all the different aspects of HOME

Writers: Senka Marić “Kintsugi tijela” & Faruk Šehić “Priče sa satnim mehanizmom”
    Lera Auerbach:
  • Monolog
  • Aleksandra Vrebalov:
  • Spell Nr.7

Saša Mirković, viola
    Marta Ptaszynska:
  • Elegia in Memoriam John Paul II
  • Krzysztof Penderecki:
  • Cadenza

Marta Potulska, viola

Transfigured Night

    Arnold Schoenberg:
  • Transfigured Night, Op. 4

Jevgenijs Čepoveckis, violin
Andrea Nikolić, violin
Marta Potulska, viola
Bas Jongen, violoncello
Belma Alić, violoncello
Moderation: Andrea Nikolić & Asmira Hrvat

10 Years at Home

Župna Crkva sv. Mihovila/St. Michael’s Church
29.09.2018 - 19:00

Final “Miholjski” Concert: 10 Years at Home
Celebrating 10 years since our first concert of classical music in Vareš, the traditional “Miholjski koncert” we are declaring our love to our home. Through the symbol of a mother that gives all and sacrifices for the benefit of her child, teaching it and caring for it, we will continue returning, proud, to call Vareš our Home.

    Giovanni Pierluigi Palestrina:
  • Jesu! Rex admirabilis
  • Lorenzo Perosi:
  • Laudate Dominum
  • O da bude radost među nama
  • Dmitrij Šostakovič:
  • Valcer br.2
  • Josip Štolcer Slavenski:
  • Pjesme moje majke / Songs of my Mother
  • Antal Dorati:
  • Lettre d’amour
  • Giovanni Battista Pergolesi:
  • Stabat Mater

WISE & Friends:
Župni i dječji zbor Vareš / Vareš Parish Choir
Željko Sertić, oboe
Aida Čorbadžić, soprano
Zana Staniskovska, mezzo soprano
Florian Tavić, baritone
Miron Konjević, organ
Ivana Nikolić, oboe
Jevgenijs Čepoveckis, violin
Milica Zulus, violin
Jelena Vidović, violin
Saša Mirković, viola
Marta Potulska, viola
Bas Jongen, violoncello
Belma Alić, violoncello
Andrea Nikolić, violin & artistic direction